Do you remember the commercial “Calgon, take me away?” Don’t we all dream sometimes of being lost within ourselves without our partners or children after a long stressful day. We desire a special place to feel good about ourselves and regroup with all that life sends our way. Sometimes we can escape by curling up to a good book or sometimes we just need to let go by taking a long hot bath. Whatever and wherever that hidden Shangri La is, we seek relaxing moments to ease our day and help us get back on track.

Over the past few years, the amount of day spas has quadrupled and now appears in large urban areas, suburbs, and shopping malls, offering a range of treatments created to calm the body and mind. People are more stressed out than ever before and are increasingly looking for convenient ways to decompress without taking time off to travel to the edges of the earth in search of peace and serenity. Therefore, day spas have taken a larger role in peoples’ lives and continue to reinvent the way people deal with stress by offering more spa services in shorter amounts of time.

In response to customer demand, more and more salons are introducing classic day spa services into their menus, allowing people to integrate pampering and relaxation appointments. We all know that these services however come at a significant price. And, if we don’t have a small fortune, we try to still pleasure ourselves and save money by finding some of these spa treatments at the drug store. We need to go to that relaxing sanctuary to unwind, beautify and take care of ourselves but sometimes now that sanctuary is at home.

Welcome to the Girls Night Out!! We’ve decided to combine the essentials and rewards of the spa experience without the cost, while you and your friends have a blast. Sound interesting?

Are you tired of all the at home parties that offer little in entertainment and real fun? We’ve all done it many times before – we get the call from a friend who begs us to either come to or host a home party. It might be costume jewelry, or plastic food containers or very expensive pre-packaged food. We feel obligated to spend at least $25-$50 just as a favor to the host and then we leave with a product that will probably be used once and then forgotten. But, what if there was something truly different? What if you could make your own products that you could use over and over again at little cost, would be beneficial to fit your lifestyle, while still having a great night out with your friends? We think we have a wonderful and exciting party for you!!

It’s the home party that will enrich your life. Part cooking, part chemistry and part spa, we will spend 1 ½ hours creating our very own make and take home spa treatments. We will create 5 different products that each one of your friends will create and produce. These are spa products that pamper and indulge, skin care products that cleanse, buff and moisturize and body products that revitalize, soothe and leave your body beautiful. You will receive the formulas/recipes and step by step instructions with our Girls Night Out hostess for homemade products such as a oatmeal & brown sugar scrub, chocolate lip gloss, strawberry & crème body wash, Victorian heart soaps, sheer luscious lipstick, cookie cutter soaps, Cleopatra’s milk bath, secret garden bath teas and skin softening powders as well as many others to choose from. Get ready for a night you won’t forget and if you have special guys that want to experience the fun have them come along too. It’s easy and there is no mess!