After School Cooking Classes

Entire families will learn life-long skills that will encourage quality times spent with the ones they love, along with an awareness of healthy eating, and ways to save money by cooking at home!

Our cooking lessons are lessons for life. Family time and dinnertime have changed dramatically over the past 30 years. Top Secret Chefs wants to bring families together in the kitchen again. By teaching children and adults quick meal solutions, healthy alternatives, and increasing the comfort level of families in the kitchen, we believe we can help create stronger healthier families. Dinnertime is the perfect time to share responsibilities, communicate with each other, and be creative!

Our weekly classes are a great opportunity to sharpen life-skills and stir-up creativity! Join us each week as we explore a wonderful array of dishes. Each week is based on a different theme with new recipes and skills. We might look at recipes from around the world, or look at new tastes from culinary masters such as Rachael Ray and Emeril Lagasse, and all the while learning about the kitchen, food shopping and basic food equipment. Overall we will explore many topics of study in a fun and interactive setting.

Our highly qualified staff of teachers and chefs are on hand to make each cooking class a memorable experience for the students. Parents will be surprised to watch as their “top secret chef” grows with confidence and knowledge as they create these recipes at home for them!

Scout Programs

We offer fun and hands-on programs that will enable your scouts to earn try-its and badges.

Girl Scouts

* Brownies: “Make It, Eat It” badge, and portions of the “Caring and Sharing” badge
* Juniors: “Let’s Get Cooking” badge

Boy Scouts

* Tiger Cub Electives and Badge: Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe
* Wolf Cub Badge: Cooking and Eating
* Bear Cub Badge: What’s Cooking


Individual classes, grades or entire schools. Programs per grade level, pre-school, grades K-2,
grades 1-5, grades 6-8 or multi-age programs, groups from 20 – 500 students.

* Hands-on School Programs
* Teacher Workshops
* Home School Programs
* Summer / School Vacation Camps
* Family Cooking Nights
* Scout Programs
* Cooking Fairs
* After-School Programs


$10.00 – $20.00 per child – $200 Minimum
1 hour (or more) at your school, camp, or other location

* Class duration is one to eight weeks
* Classes any time during the day or after school
* 2 or 3 make and take home meals/projects
* Choose from one or more categories or create your own
* Pre-school, grades K-2, grades 1-5 or multi-age programs, grades 6-8