Welcome to Top Secret Chefs

In the 2007 Let’s Get Cooking Consultation Report by the Royal Society of Health, the conclusions were that

  • 95% of all elementary age students desired cooking skills
  • 98% of teachers and school staff believe there is a huge need for after school cooking clubs
  • 100% of parents believe that their children should take cooking classes to learn more about food, nutrition, and health

Overall, this extensive report proves the huge demand for cooking at all ages.

A History of Success

Top Secret Chefs is a division of the Top Secret Kids Corporation which was organized in 1995 as a 501(c) (3) charitable nonprofit organization. Since that time the Top Secret Kids has been educating and entertaining children all around the world. We have 250 affiliates in over 20 countries and have worked with over 40 million children. We offer numerous low cost and high value opportunities to support our mission of providing fantastic hands-on educational programs to children of all ages. Overall, we work with over 1,000 local children in the Boston area each week. In 2008 we added Top Secret Chefs and we have created thousands of programs across the country and internationally in helping children discover the many joys of cooking.

Culinary Experts!

Our culinary experts have spent a great deal of time looking at thousands of potential recipes and now have created a wonderful and spectacular mix of simple foods that are taught in an entertaining way.  We know that it takes a perfect blend of cooking experience, building rapport and having fun with tens of thousands of children, and the right products and services to be successful.  Top Secret Chefs offers excellent value and a great selection of foods that are hands-on and prepared in a nutritious and delicious way. Now, they’d like you to experience a fantastic and incredible new way in learning and having fun.  lt’s totally COOL!!!

Our Passion

Cooking is a fascinating adventure of fantastic discoveries and imaginative investigation that affects us every day. Unfortunately, cooking is not viewed as a priority at a young age which means that a child’s natural curiosity can diminish, and over time they can lose interest. But, cooking offers skills that can be essential to understanding the complexities and opportunities of everyday life.

Our vision is to instill a very high level of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness about cooking.

This will excite children to learn at any early age by opening their minds and increasing their interest to further learning in the future.  At Top Secret Chefs we offer a wonderful environment where your child can build a foundation that will open the doors to a lifetime of learning.

New Skills in the Kitchen

Children will learn a wide range of skills probably without even knowing it. Cooking is a process that has a beginning and an ending and the great thing about the ending is that the kids can have a great meal that they cooked hands-on. There are a tremendous amount of different life skills that can be learned from cooking. Cooking is all about math, science, geography, reading, health, nutrition, and history along with the ability to problem solve, and develop both social and fine motor skills. Just look at a few of the individual skills: counting, vocabulary, shapes, food groups, experimenting, weighing, fractions, culture, family history, sorting, chemical reactions, responsibility, team work, safety, sequencing, creativity, sensory aptitudes, healthy eating, sharing, pouring, chopping, mixing, etc. There is no other activity that a child can learn as much in such a short period of time.


Cooking also offers numerous other benefits. Kids need to understand their own health and bodies and what they put in them to survive. With child obesity at 20%, it is essential for children to know what is in food and the consequences of eating poorly at an early age. Without proper nutrition children will rely too much on fast foods and unfortunately continue this spiral of poor eating.

Another benefit is that the kitchen is one of the few places where everyone comes together as a family. We try to create more opportunities for family time and bonding so that everyone wins. Kids will realize that they are an important part of the team and can actually contribute to its well being.

And lastly, children can increase their self esteem in the kitchen. With the help of parents, kids can feel a sense of self worth by creating something from scratch and having it turn into a delicious product. Although we as adults tend to not appreciate the little things, children can make us see how important the simple accomplishment of just making some soup can be to a child.